A sober coach, or a sober companion, is a recovery professional whose role is to help individuals navigate the challenges associated with maintaining sobriety.

Returning to the home environment following treatment can be difficult, and the job of a sober coach is to provide guidance and encouragement as triggers and issues occur. Having a constant companion, whose mission is to keep you sober, can help solidify sobriety when it is at its most fragile.

Sober coaching is in no way a guarantee of long-term success, but in some cases their presence can mean the difference between a relapse and staying sober.

There are no certifications or regulations associated with the profession of sober coaching. There are a few websites that connect clients with coaches, however most connections are made through referral sources. Sober coaching can be extremely expensive - some sources indicate that this service can run up to $1000 a day. There are also wonderful community organizations and non-profits with helpful coaching resources

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We have a responsibility as family members, friends, employers, colleagues, physicians, educators, religious leaders and neighbors—to reach out to help those suffering with this disease and lead them back to substance abuse-free lives. The earlier we reach them, the greater our likelihood of success.

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